Welcome to Our "Pint Sized" Brewery:

     Brewscape Beer Co. is a distinguished brewery renowned for its commitment to crafting world-class beers and fostering a vibrant, inclusive community. Established with a passion for brewing excellence and knowledge shared from some amazing top notch brewers , Brewscape Beer Co. has become synonymous with quality and innovation in the brewing industry.

     At the heart of our mission is the relentless pursuit of brewing perfection. We meticulously create a diverse range of exceptional beers, each one a masterpiece of flavor, balance, and craft. From crispy lagers,  hop-forward IPAs to rich stouts, our brews cater to a wide spectrum of beer enthusiasts, ensuring there's something for everyone to savor.

    But Brewscape Beer Co. is more than just a brewery; it's a gathering place where family, friend,  beer aficionados and food connoisseurs come together. In addition to our stellar brews, we offer a delectable array of food options that complement our beers, providing a complete dining experience.

    Community engagement is at the core of our philosophy. We aspire to build a robust and supportive following, cultivating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all. We take pride in our active involvement in special events and our collaboration with organizations like the Veterans Association and Children's Healthcare, underscoring our dedication to giving back to the community that supports us.

   Brewscape Beer Co. is more than a brewery; it's a destination for exceptional beers, culinary delights, and a strong sense of belonging. Join us in celebrating the craft of brewing, the joy of community, and the spirit of giving back.

Meet the Brewsape Beer Company Owners:

     We are a dynamic duo hailing from the vibrant landscapes of New Mexico, where the sunsets are breathtaking, the chiles are fiery, and the spirit of community runs deep. As a family and community-oriented couple, we've embarked on an exciting adventure to bring a taste of our Southwestern roots to the beautiful North Idaho Countryside.

    Our journey began with a passion for crafting exceptional beers, but it doesn't stop there. We're a fun-loving, adventurous pair who believes that life is meant to be savored to the fullest. When we're not busy brewing up delightful concoctions at Brewsape, you can find us out and about, exploring the great outdoors.

    We're avid hikers, always seeking out the next trail to conquer, and we know all the best fishing spots in the area. The wind in our hair and the open road beneath us beckon us to hop on our motorcycles for thrilling rides through the countryside.

     At Brewsape Beer Company, we not only pour our hearts into brewing excellent beers, but we also pour our passion for family, community, and adventure into everything we do.  We can't wait to share our love for great beer, good company, and the joy of the journey with you!